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Rolly commits to getting the job done right the first time around.  Our customers are important to us, and we ensure that before the start of any project, we agree on important milestones to get the project running smoothly. 

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At Rolly’s Electrical, we specialise in designing and installing integrated audio and lighting systems perfect for any environment, be it commercial, educational, medical, or residential.

We have the advanced ability and years of experience to realise your vision entirely. Our previous installations have covered audio and lighting projects for:

* Sports arenas
* Live music venues
* Colleges
* Theatres
* Churches

* Nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants
* Community recreational centres
* Residential and commercial architectural projects
* Industrial complexes

Count on us to take care of any local lighting and sound installation Townsville projects, including environmental lighting, AV video display screens, and light projection, all complemented by additional sound installations.

Our team of technicians and experts understand audio and lighting Townsville procedures, coupled with local permit codes, to give you the best lighting and sound installations for your particular venue. 


We’re the Lighting Experts

Our lighting specialists can source the latest lighting equipment from the top, world-class manufacturers to include both simple and advanced lighting systems, LED lights, and moving heads and lasers, among other installations.

We project your exact lighting and sound installation Townsville needs first before determining the setting and how to integrate all the different audio and lighting elements into your location. 

We’re the Sound Installation Experts

Rolly sound installations offer a full range of top audio products suitable for both small and large venues. We can install complete PA systems from world brands such as Bose Corporation, Definitive Technology, Sennheiser, and Klipsch Audio Technologies, among others. 

Count on our sound technicians to configure the equipment to produce the best sound for your given space. We are also qualified to maintain and repair any malfunction with these systems, as well as supply upgrades and select accessories such as digital mixing consoles, cables, speakers, and microphones. 


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All our audio installations take into account noise-management considerations and local noise regulations. Our expert sound engineers receive training to provide the highest quality audio to audiences within the legal requirements and local Townsville licensing guidelines. Before we embark on any audio solutions implementations, we first:
*  Measure sound pressure levels in and around your venue to ensure they meet Townsville regulations
* Use the latest software to explore and analyse the impact of different sound configurations for your venue
* Design sound control measures to include appropriate equipment placement, acoustic isolation, and audio zoning
* We aim to provide you with the best sound installation that has minimum sound spillage and nuisance to nearby venues.

Tailored Recommendations That Fit Your Needs

Our project teams will first assess your venue before making professional lighting and sound installation Townsville recommendations. Some of these recommendations include:

* Bright and superb light and audio plans for concert halls and theatres

* Subtle, unobtrusive lighting and sound installation Townsville projects that preserve the majesty and beauty of historic or listed buildings

* Installation of sound and lighting systems that will not taint your space’s style and deco

* Lighting and sound systems that help, not hinder, safety and evacuation procedures

* Light and sound solutions that uphold quality and durability standards 

Audio and Lighting Contractor Townsville

Whether it’s subtle lighting in a listed building, or a full performance lighting system in a live music venue or sports arena, think of Rolly as the people who can get it done without hitches. 

We also use only the best equipment and accessories from world-class manufacturers like Phillips, Osram, Havells, and SYSKA that prolong the lifespan of your project and minimise repairs and maintenance call-outs. 

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If your venue needs an improved lighting and audio system, or you would like to discuss any aspect of your lighting/audio project, please feel free to contact us today on 47233320. We serve Magnetic Island, Kirwan, and all other areas in and around Townsville.

You may also visit our offices in Queensland’s Greater Townsville Region Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Friday 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, or if you prefer, shoot us an

Our dedicated team of technicians will promptly be in touch with you to explore how Rolly can help meet all your lighting and sound installation Townsville needs. 

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  • Refrigerant Authorisation No.AU44549
  • Electrical Contractors No. 83846
  • ABN 42621842635