3 Things to Do Before You Hire an Electrical Contractor

It’s a given that electrical equipment at some time will fail. You may find yourself dealing with electrical malfunctions in your outlets, switchboards, lighting and fixtures, wiring and cables, or grounding and power surge protections. 

Word-of-mouth is the easiest method of sourcing reputable Electricians in Townsville, but it is not the only way, nor is it the most thorough when deciding whom to hire.  

It isn’t that easy to find qualified electrical contractors who can deal with the full range of electrical emergencies, repairs, and maintenance works either. That’s especially true for individuals and small businesses that, more often than not, don’t have big budgets. 

So what else can you do to ensure that you source the right electrical company in Townsville for your property? Here are some excellent tips!

Do Some Research – Online and Offline

Reputable electrical contractors always have an online presence. The company should also have customer testimonials at the very least, and if possible, a portfolio of previous works demonstrating their expertise in past projects.

Contact details should be displayed and point to a local physical address and staffed telephone line should you wish to visit their office or talk to a customer representative.  Note, too, their electrical certifications, insurance, and licenses to ensure they are qualified to do the job. 

Pay attention to their reviews – these reveal the company track record in dealing with all things electrical, and give you a fair idea of how they may handle your electrical issue. It may be a good idea to talk to any previous customers in the local area to get their views on the electrical company too. 

Compare Contractor Portfolios and References

A lot of companies nowadays post their portfolios and services on their websites so that potential customers can understand their specialist areas.

Call or visit the top three to four electricians in Townsville to discuss their past electrical work in detail. Quick answers and detailed discussions point to the expertise and willingness to do the job.

Portfolios also give you a chance to gather references from previous clients to confirm the information you have.

Get Written Quotes and Project Timeframes

No one enjoys projects that go over on budgets or designated time frames.

To avoid such inconveniences, always insist that your electrical contractor give you a written quote and estimated project times to make sure you’re on the same page.

Finding out how much the job costs, what the fees cover, and how long it will take before work commences, can prevent disagreements and misunderstandings from popping up mid-project, guaranteeing a successful, trouble-free project.  


Getting the right electrical company in Townsville to handle any electrical issues is crucial for the safety of your property and ultimate peace of mind.   

In the case of electrical work, cheap truly is expensive – do not go for the cheapest quote, but rather consider the expertise of the electrical company, the experience and know-how of its personnel, and the quality of equipment and accessories they use.

High-quality electrical contractors like Rolly’s Electrical can help to stem electrical emergencies and maintain your electrical system with minimum hassle and damage over the long term. We respond to any problem like it was an emergency, saving you not only time but money.


Leave your electrical maintenance and repairs to the best professional electricians Townsville has available. Call Rolly’s Electrical today or fill our quick quote form below.

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