Energy Cost Savings Tips

Every degree counts:   Run you air conditioner at 25 degrees in summer and 18 degrees in winter.  Every degree cooler in summer adds 10% to the amount of electricity the air con uses.  Also clean your filter as a dirty filter can slow down air flow which makes the air conditioner work harder, which wastes electricity.

 Change to an economy tariff:  give Rolly’s Electrical a call to put ensure you are using an economy tariff.  You can save around 50% on electricity running costs if you put your electrical hot water system on an Tariff 31 or 30% with Tariff 33, compared with Tariff 11 Residental.

 Change to solar hot water:   A solar hot water system can save you between 60% – 80% electrical running costs compared to an electric hot water system on Tariff 11 Residental.

 Pool tips:   Check with you local pool shop about how long you should be running your pool filter for as reducing the running time by 1 hour per day could reduce your annual electricity bill by $100.

 Fridge tips:  Did you know an empty fridge uses more electricity than a full fridge.  Consider turning your second fridge off when not required.  Also keep an eye on your fridge seals and replace them as required.

 Standby power:  Turn appliances off at the wall when not in use.


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