Summer is coming! Have you got Solar?

Summer is the Perfect Time to Get Your Solar Sorted!

Coming into the North Queensland summer, is the perfect time to consider solar for your home.
For those of you who aren’t already on board with the solar phenomenon, Rolly’s Electrical has put together a quick overview of the benefits, costs and why solar may just be the best option for you

Why is Solar a Great Option?

Many North Queensland households opt to install solar because the power generated on the grid can slash hundreds from your energy bill each year.
As a sustainable energy option, solar is not only an effective way to make your household efficient but is also one of the cleanest sources of energy.
Not sold yet?

Here are

  1. 1. 32% of Queensland homes have a solar power system
  2. 2. Rooftop solar panels can potentially save you $20,000 (or more!)
  3. 3. Solar panels can boost the value of your home
  4. 4. The average solar rebate in Queensland is $4,215…which leads us to our next point.

Government Solar Rebates in Queensland

Through incentives such as the State government solar rebate, Queensland residents are able to reduce the cost of their solar panels. But what does this rebate entail?
If you live in Queensland, you will be able to obtain a solar panel rebate from the Australian government. Any purchase of solar panels qualifies you for a rebate as long as the modules and inverter has approval by the Clean Energy Council and a CEC accredited electrician installed the solar system.
In Queensland, the solar rebate can lower the cost of your solar panels by up to approximately a third. However, the rebate you will receive will vary based on the size of your solar system and your location.
Another incentive that is available for Queenslanders is a solar feed-in tariff. This feed-in tariff is the amount you receive for every kWh of power your solar system feeds back into the grid. Feed-in tariffs are known to increase the value of your unused power. In 2021, Regional Queensland has a feed-in tariff of 7.861 cents per kWh.

With that said when you have Rolly’s on your side for solar we will organise and handle all relevant paperwork to ensure you are getting the best deal possible! Contact us for more information. 

North Queensland receives a high number of sunshine hours, which means that solar power is an attractive option for all Townsville residents. With the rebates available, right now is the perfect time to get a quote sorted for your solar system.

Get Solar Today!

If you think this highly sustainable and efficient option is right for you, give our qualified team of professionals a call on 47233320 to get a quote.


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