• Do you need your solar panels cleaned?

    Over time dust, insect and bird droppings and other substances build up on solar panels and limit the electricity generated by each panel.  Even panels which are partially covered will be affected.

     Rolly’s Electrical can come and clean your panels for you, which usually will take a couple of hours depending on where the panels are (double story house v single) and how many panels there are.  It is important that the system is shut down before commencing cleaning, which is why it is important for you to get a qualified electrician to clean your panels.  Where possible we will clean the panels from the ground using a good quality soft brush.

    It is best to clean the panels when they are not in direct sun and it will evaporate the water used and dirt will be smeared.  Either early the morning, evening or on an overcast day is best. 

    Give us a call today to discuss if your panels need a clean to ensure they are operating at their maximum efficiency.  Ph 0410375098.