Thinking Solar? Things to Consider!

Thinking Solar? Things to consider!

If you’re wanting to slice your electricity bill in half, Solar is the way to go! Solar has never been cheaper and more effective as it is right now. At Rolly’s Electrical, we’ve worked with businesses and houses of all sizes to reduce that pesky quarterly bill. We always recommend solar as an energy option due to its effectiveness and low carbon footprint. 


  • Since 2008- the price of solar has dropped 80%.
  • Australia is a great place to have solar- as we have the highest average solar radiation rates in the world!
  • 1 in 5 houses in Australia have solar.
  • Solar panels are low maintenance- lasting up to 35 years!
  • Solar panels were first used to power satellites! Who doesn’t want space-tech in their home?!
  • Solar has very little risk of chemical leaks, explosions or fire, compared with other energy sources.
  • A rooftop solar system can increase the price of your home when you go to sell!
As with any household decision you make, there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge. These are:


  • Cost can be influenced by a few different variables. Solar panels typically retail for $100-$500 per panel. However, this is depending on the size of the panels, among other variables. If you are eligible for a subsidy, this will reduce the cost greatly. Cost can also be influenced by brand, durability, quality, and the panel’s capacity (in Watts). We recommend going for a quality panel- to save yourself extra cash in the long run! Cost can also be influenced by how many panels you need. Generally speaking, each unit will reduce in cost when you have multiple in the system. Therefore, cost is a factor to consider when making a decision on solar. Speak to us about a FREE quote today!


Time is a factor to consider in the process of getting solar. You can find our in-depth solar process on our website here! However, one of the longest processes is getting your application approved and set up with Ergon Energy. Ergon takes around two weeks to get back to you once we’ve submitted the application on your behalf. We will then schedule a time to come and install the solar panels. Therefore, from start to finish, it takes an average of a month after the first phone call to have solar in your home. However, once they are installed, they can last for 35 years!


  • Solar panels are low maintenance; however, they do require cleaning once per year and maintenance servicing every 5 years. We conduct cleaning and maintenance at Rolly’s Electrical – we’ve got your solar sorted!

Solar is a great option for both businesses and individuals looking to reduce their power bill and decrease their carbon footprint. Thinking of getting Solar? There are plenty of reasons to switch today. Speak to us today about arranging a hassle free quote!

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