Rolly’s Top 5 energy saving tips

5 Top energy saving tips to cut your power bill!

Sick of feeling sick after receiving your power bill? Want to be more environmentally conscious? Electricity generation is the leading contributor to climate change in Australia. Check out our 5 top tips for cutting your power bill this quarter!


1. Look for energy guzzling Halogen lights and replace them with LED.

Halogen lights are actually being banned in some places around the world for their extremely inefficient use of electricity. That’s why we recommend switching to LED bulbs, which are over 80% more efficient. Halogen bulbs also have the capacity to emit heat- something we really don’t need in Townsville at the moment! Let’s get those pesky Halogen lights out of your house! 

2. Use your appliances smarter.

Make your appliances work smarter- not harder! Check out our advice:
1. Cold washing uses 5x less energy than washing in hot water.

2. Laptop chargers are power hungry- so switch them off at the wall after you reach full charge (this will help with your laptop battery health too)!

3. When chucking on your AC, close all doors, windows, cabinet sliders and closets- unless you want to pay for these to be cold!

4. We all know using your clothes dryer is a big energy chewer- but some ways you can reduce your bill include cleaning your lint filter (more lint = more power used). Open your windows and doors in your laundry to let the humidity escape- as your dryer can’t work effectively without it!

5. Cut your stand-by power. Stand-by-power can actually account for up to 3% of home energy use. This includes things plugged into power all day like TV’s, computers, and kitchen appliances. When you don’t need to use them, consider turning them off at the wall!


3. Clean & get maintenance on your AC.

Running a dirty, old aircon is a surefire way to get sent a mammoth power bill. It’s not only poor for energy use, it can also have an effect on your family’s overall health! Regular cleaning and maintenance of your air-con can help with its energy use and overall longevity! Want to learn more? Check out our recent blog post about AC cleaning and maintenance and why it’s important click HERE. 

4. Look for the energy rating when purchasing new appliances.

The higher the stars, the better the energy efficiency. Depending on the type of appliance you’re purchasing, different ratings are considered “good”. You can see energy efficiency ratings on Air Conditioners (single phase, non-ducted), Clothes washers, Clothes dryers, Dishwashers, Televisions, Refrigerators, Freezers, and Computer Monitors. Ask us today about advice when purchasing energy efficient appliances.

5. Invest in Solar Panels.

We know we drone on about Solar panels, but the proof is in the pudding! Installing solar panels is a fantastic investment for both new houses and homeowners looking to decrease their power bill. Solar is the way of the future! Cut down your power bill and reduce your carbon footprint in one foul swoop. Speak to us today for a hassle free quote.

For more hints and tips on how to save money on your energy bills check the Climate Council website out HERE. Or contact us to discuss your options with the Rolly’s Electrical team on what the best steps forward are for your current situation.  



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