Townsville Schools and Business make the Switch to Solar

Townsville Schools & Business make the Switch to Solar

School classrooms on average us 3800 kWh of electricity per year, which is roughly half the consumption of an average Australian household. With the cost of energy rising, renewable energy provides an alternative option for organisations across Australia. Below are some of the projects that Rolly’s Electrical has worked on to transition our local schools and business to a cleaner and brighter future.

Willows State School

Willows public primary school in Townsville’s suburbs made the switch to solar energy in 2020. The Rolly’s Electrical team installed 595 Solar Panels on the school’s roof, these panels generate a whopping 220kW which is equal to 44 residential homes worth of energy. This was the largest job that the Rolly’s Electrical team completed in 2020, with a large amount of space available for solar panels the Willows State School is set to benefit extremely by lowering its operation cost leaving more money to be funnelled into classroom improvements and educational improvements.

Willows State School

Benefits of Solar Energy

Museum of Tropical Queensland

Solar is only one of the investment’s schools and business are making to lower their energy/operation costs. Other opportunities such as LED lighting and energy management systems as well making conscious environmental decisions around waste and electricity use, are all contributing to cleaner schools and business.

Think of it like this, the more money your school saves on energy cost the more opportunity to enhance your schools learning environment for all students. This same rule applies to business’, by cutting cost on electricity bills, business’ have the opportunity to invest in creating better working environments or gain the ability to purchase assets that give your business a bigger competitive advantage. By introducing green energy and environmental policies your organisation can actively build their profile as an environmentally friendly and ethical institution.

Creating extra savings from improved energy performance provides an opportunity for more upgrades to be made. Upgrades for schools could be new buildings and facilities or greater resources being diverted into advancing the quality of teaching and education being delivered. Whilst business can also create opportunities to leverage their cash flow to purchase new assets, invest in creating new services, or staff training to continue the overall progression of the business. Taking a holistic approach to energy with your school or business only enhances your organisations profile and capabilities.

How can Rolly’s Electrical help you?

We’ve helped multiple schools and business switch to more efficient energy solutions in the North Queensland area. Rolly’s Electrical are fully licensed and have access to working at heights, we also extend all our services to residential clients as well.

Get in contact with us today to discuss your options and organise an obligation free quote. Take the steps to a brighter future today.

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