• smoke alarms Smoke Alarms save lives.

    If a properly maintained smoke alarm is installed reports indicate that the risk of death by house fires is significantly reduced by more than half.

    It is recommended by the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services that:

    • Residential accommodation be fitted with photoelectric type smoke alarms
    • To be either hard wired or powered by a 10 year lithium battery
    • To be located at each level of living space, outside each bedroom and in every bedroom
    • All smoke alarms should be interconnected Property Owners/managers have a legal obligation to install smoke alarms that comply with Australian Standards outside sleeping areas and one on each level of the dwelling.

    From 1st May 2014 all new buildings submitted for approval must have hard wired and interconnected smoke alarms. Australian Standards requires that Smoke Alarms have a recommended service life of at least 10 years under normal conditions of use. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services recommend that the Smoke Alarm be replaced before the end of its service life.

    Maintaining Smoke Alarms

    • Check battery once per month by pressing button.
    • Replace and flat or nearly flat batteries
    • Keep smoke alarms clean – dust can interfere with operation
    • Replace battery every 12 months