Changing To Electricity Tariff 31 or 33


    Rolly’s Electrical can make the tariff changes for you and help you save on water heating costs.

    Calculate the Savings

    Ergon Energy’s hot water calculator can help you find out how much you could benefit by changing tariffs.

    To calculate the savings just enter some details of the type of hot water system, the tariff you’re currently connected to, and how you use your shower. The calculator will then show how much you could potentially save by switching to different hot water systems and tariffs.

    Ergon Energy’s economy tariffs are cheaper than the general use residential Tariff 11 because the hours of supply are restricted to periods when demand on the electricity network is low.

    Rolly’s Electrical can help you save up to 50% on future running costs with Tariff 31 or up to 30% with Tariff 33.

    You can find out more by reading about it on the various Electricity Company websites:

    • Energex – Tariff 33 FAQ’s
    • Ergon Energy – Tariff 33 Cash Back Offer


    Pool Tariffs 33

    The average pool filtration system that is connected to a continuous supply tariff such as tariff 11 can cost you around $550.00 per annum to run. With the changes that have been brought in by the Qld Government you are now able to connect your pool equipment to Tariff 33 via a socket outlet. Check out Ergon’s Pool Pump Calculator.

    Switch to Tariff 33 and save money!

    Rolly’s Electrical can provide an electrical quote to have your pool tariff changed to Tariff 33 for your pool pumps, filters and chlorinators.

    Q. Why has the pool tariff been changed?

    This is part of the Government initiative to move electricity away from peak demand times in residential areas from 4pm to 8pm each day. Peak demand electricity is associated with increases in electricity prices.

    Q. What can I save?

    It is estimated that you can save approximately $235.00 per year on a Tariff 33 connection.

    Q. I am an existing pool owner?

    Rolly’s Electrical are able to provide you with a quote to make the change. The cost will vary depending on the current wiring and set up. All of the electrical work that is carried out by Rolly’s Electrical complies with AS3000.

    Q. What pool equipment does the change apply to?

    The changes for new connections for Tariff 33 refer to pool filtration and associated sanitation systems, which include pool pumps, pool filters, chlorinators and chlorine dispensing units.