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    Air Conditioning

    When selecting an air conditioning system for your home or office, you need to take several factors in consideration including out door unit location, brand, reliability, noise levels, running costs, purchase price, drainage options, size of the room and comfort level required.

    Noise Levels and Outdoor Unit Placement

    It is annoying to live with a loud air conditioning system running in the background. Rolly’s Electrical can help you choose a brand of air conditioner that will cool the room quietly, without creating constant irritating noise.

    Running Costs and Purchase Price

    Experts at air conditioning installation and services always recommend investing in air conditioning units that are Energy Star certified and boast of the highest possible EER or energy efficiency ratio and SEER or seasonal energy efficiency ratio ratings.

    Energy Star qualified AC units with the highest EER and SEER ratings can save you more than 15 – 20 percent on annual energy expenditure, compared to models with lower ratings. Compared to older air conditioners, these energy efficient air conditioning systems will reduce your cooling expenditure by more than 30 percent and can save you thousands of dollars each year.

    Air Conditioner Cleaning

    When your air conditioning filters are clogged the resulting poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to the development of chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis.

    It can cause headaches, dry eyes, nasal congestion, nausea and fatigue. Having a clean/well functioning air conditioning filter is the first line of defence against these possible problems. A clean filter can capture the minute particles that float around your home in the air your family breathes. Simple irritants like sneezing, a runny nose or watery eyes can be alleviated by having your air conditioner cleaned regularly. Having your air conditioner cleaned regularly also increased its efficiency.

     The split AC or central AC system is the most popular air conditioning unit in Australia. The condensing unit is kept outside the house or office. Sometimes it is attached or placed on brackets that are mounted on the walls.


    Box AC half cleaned


    Split AC half cleaned


    Split System Air Conditioning

    If you want your air conditioning system installed, Rolly’s Electrical can help. We can come to you in all areas of Townsville, including Kirwan, Willows, Burdell, Hermit Park, even Magnetic Island.

    Our years of experience means that we’re familiar with all of the issues involved in installing air conditioning in houses, units, shops, offices, factories and schools.

    We only deal with quality air conditioning brands and we will always recommend the most appropriate type or model for your requirements.

    Types include:

    • Wall mounted inverter reverse-cycle air conditioners
    • Floor standing systems
    • Ceiling suspended systems
    • Ceiling cassette systems
    • Multi room split systems
    • Fully ducted systems

    At the end of the day you want to deal with someone you can trust, who listens, who completes projects on time and within budget, and who will be around in the future to look after it for you. That’s why when you want air conditioning in Townsville or anywhere in the Townsville area you should talk to us.

    Air Conditioning FAQs

    Q. What’s the difference between a standard and inverter split systems?

    Inverter Air Conditioning


    Inverter air conditioners are more economical to operate and quieter to run than conventional air conditioning units. They can handle greater extremes in temperature, are smoother and more stable in operation, and reach the desired temperature more quickly than conventional air conditioners.

    Split Systems

    Split systems are where the compressor and outdoor heat exchanger are located outside away from the indoor unit. They are joined together by refrigerant lines. The indoor units can be floor mounted, wall mounting, ceiling mounting or as cassette units. Outdoor units are usually located externally – on the roof, on the wall, on a balcony or at ground level.

    Q. What is the best temperature for efficient use of air conditioners?

    The Queensland government promotes 25 degrees celcius as being the recommended temperature for the efficient use of an air conditioner when cooling. This is supposedly a temperature that keeps you comfortable and is power efficient.

    Q. What is R410a gas?

    Touted as the refrigerant gas of the future, R410a is the current preferred substitute for R22 gas. It has a higher thermal volumetric cooling capacity and thus better thermal exchange properties. The result is better system efficiency. R410a exhibits better environmental credentials than many other refrigerant gases.

    Q. What is R22 gas?

    R22 was the most commonly used refrigerant gas in residential and light commercial air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers until concerns about depletion of the ozone layer arose in the 1980s.Correct handling and reclaim procedures by installers and service technicians ensure that R22 can still be used in Australia.

    Q. What is 32 gas?

    Newest most efficient of the refrigerant gases.

    Note: Let us worry about which gas is best for you situation.