• What is a switchboard upgrade?

    A switchboard upgrade is when an electrician replaces your switchboard with a new one.

    The picture below shows an old switchboard with an asbestos back and fuses on the left and new switchboard on the right with safety switches.


    Why would you need to have your switchboard upgraded?

    Some of the reasons you may need to upgrade your switchboard are:

    • Fuses keeps blowing – when you using appliances

    • Safety – you wish to install safety switches to protect your family

    • Lights are flickering

    • Board is too small – and doesn’t accommodate the modern appliances in your home. You want to add additional air conditioners or other appliances which require more power. Old houses only had a stove, lights and a few power points. • You want to install a new power point and have been told you don’t have enough room on your existing fuse board for the new safety switch

    • Burnt out fuse holder – the existing fuse board has had cabling that has overheated and has burnt out one or more of the fuse holders

    • Burnt out fuse board panel – oversized fuse wire has been used in the fuse holder and has burnt out a wire behind the fuse board panel

    • Solar panels – you want to install solar panels and your installer has asked you to upgrade your board

    • Your home’s wiring is quite old, you can’t afford a complete rewire but you want the added protection of safety switches and correctly rated circuit breakers

    Old switchboards and fuses are a major cause of house fires. If you are unsure if you require and upgrade give Rolly a call and he can come and have a look and give you a free quote if necessary to upgrade.