• If you have a circuit breaker / safety switch that keeps tripping, most of the time it won’t be the breaker at fault.  It is probably responding to a condition elsewhere on the circuit it is protecting ie a faulty appliance.  You can quite often diagnose the problem yourself.

    Start by turning off and unplugging every electrical appliance in the house.  Note everything needs to be UNPLUGGED including the fridge.  Then gradually plug everything back in one at a time.   Once it trips again you will have found the faulty appliance.

    If the tripping is not immediate, high-wattage items like a microwave or hairdryer when running along with a few lights for awhile are probably too much for the circuit. If these “overloads” can’t be avoided by limiting the use of other things on the circuit, a new separate circuit for the heavy item is the only solution.  Many hair dryers, however, have a lower-watt setting on them; using that might help.

    Occasionally a faulty breaker will be the problem and you will need an electrician to replace it.  Give Rolly a call on 04103750978 if you have any questions.